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Our Services

  • Advice on patient care
  • The right person.
  • Management of the angels.
  • The necessary communication.

Advice on patient care.

Advice on patient care. We give answers to your practical issues. For example: how many and what kind of helpers (care attendant, nurse or housework attendant…) are needed so that your dear one can have the best of care? What is the necessary medical care? Don’t worry, we will help you answer all these questions; we work closely with many health specialists (doctors, physiotherapists…).

The right person.

The right person. We shall find him/her! The one who will be able to better address the needs of your dear one and get along with him/her (it is important; they’ll spend a lot of time together). .

Management of the angels.

Management of the angels. It is never easy to cope with everything and details, like organising the time-table, the every-day planning, the work-load of each angel and coping with leaves, amongst others, can, at times, make things harder. We understand and take cake care of these “little” things. We are here to make the necessary changes, to find solutions in case of leaves and to tackle the everyday problems.

The necessary communication.

The necessary communication. You care for this person who needs support and it is necessary for you to be aware of how she/he is doing? We understand you. That’s why we keep you informed about what’s going on.

We promote the home care of your loved ones